Motivation For Meditation: Tips For When We Get Lazy

“Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.” - Saint Francis de Sales


It seems as though from time to time, everybody who is human is subject to procrastination, laziness, and other obstacles that hinder our potential. We are all aware of the benefits and peace of mind that meditation can bring us, but it seems from time to time, we can get lazy in our practice as well. It’s not that we don’t want to meditate, at least i hope not! But rather a combination of different factors, such as willpower, motivation, and self discipline that cause us to stumble on our mindful Journey. With inspiration from Mark Nunberg of Common Ground Meditation center, I want to share with a few helpful tips on how to keep your intimate relationship with the present moment flying high. (READ #3 FOR SURE)

1. Reflect After Your Session

Sometimes after we’re done meditating we start to become discouraged because we feel the same as we did before we started. This can lead to further disappointment and hesitation with meditation. An easy thing to do to make your session more meaningful or maybe notice how your feeling is to simply reflect. After you’re done sitting, or walking, or whatever form of meditation you’re engaging in, instead of getting up or just snapping out of the present moment, ask yourself how you feel. Relax for a bit after your done and absorb whatever feelings or thoughts or mind states come your way. Maybe even wish happiness and love upon your loved ones, their loved ones, and every living being in general. Then see how you feel. Even the squirrels, go ahead and send positivity their way. Doing these at the end of your session enables you to slowly bring the mindful state into full body consciousness when you’re done meditating! Don’t just jump up but reflect.В See if it helps, because It sure has for me.

2. Find Someone Or A Group That’s Like Minded

This one is a little bit more obvious, regarding how it may help you. But even if you and your like minded friend don’t meditate together, this could still be significantly beneficial. Just through the connection of knowing someone close to you is intrigued, as you are, with meditation. Having a partner while trying to adjust to a new lifestyle or acquire a new habit can have tremendous effects on success. Especially if you two encourage and support each other, then openly reflect on your experiences together too. Not only will someone be there to help you, but cultivating a mindful friendship can bring about a wondrous joy. This type of relationship has many different pursuits than a conventional one. Even a group of people that consistently get together can have dramatic effects on your practice. I go once a week to a meditation club at the University Of Minnesota and meet with a bunch of humbling people, who are just great to be around in general! There are centers, that are usually free, all around. Im sure you could find one in your town.

3. You have your own vibration

Everyone that is,В or has been consistently meditating, usually started for a reason. Maybe they were desperate in the way they were feeling or they were noticing the lack of mindfulness in the culture around them. You may have started because you wanted to become more humble and a genuine person, or whatever reason it is. This is where the biggest motivation to meditate can come in. Realizing that everybody on this planet gives off a unique vibration, or energy, that reflects how they conduct themselves as a person. It isn’t very hard to tell right now that our society’s vibration isn’t the most mindful. Or peaceful. Or generous. Or kind and loving. With this realization, meditation can become a channel for people to be the change they want to see. Not only to feel better but to be better.В Breaking the system in a sort of unmanifested way. Changing the kind of frequency you give off. Trust me, people see this and notice this too. Instead of promoting meditation, because we know how it works and how it doesn’t when it comes to the mainstream, just simply use what you have learned, unlearned, and experienced. Say Jimmy has been meditating for 5 years now, this intimate knowledge of how precious the present moment is has a lot of carry over effects, such as becoming an honest, genuine, and ego minimizing person. And people will start to pick up on this, and then say “hey what’s up with Jimmy, i want some of that”. So in reality you’re not just changing yourself when you practice meditation, you’re changing the world’s vibration just one frequency at a time! If this isn’t the ultimate motivation to be mindful, then i don’t know what is.


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