Mother Lost 92 Pounds In 1 Year and Documented Everything On Instagram!

Many people around the world are trying hard to lose weight, but in most cases they can’t. Rachel Graham show those people that everything is possible. She lost 92 pounds and now she is motivation for everyone who wants to achieve the same.

Mother Lost 92 Pounds In 1 Year Documented Everything On Instagram

In a secondary school she experienced anorexia, but got to be overweight when she got pregnant. The biggest mistake was when she discovered that she was pregnant, she decided to eat whatever she needed.

She weighed 235 pounds and she experienced circulatory strain issue. Also she was not able to play with her child because of absence of vitality.

She wanted to become thinner and she decided to change something in her lifestyle in order to achieve that. She downloaded a mobile application for proper nutrition and burning calories. Also, she began doing practices 5 times a week.

At first time she was not able to notice the positive results on herself, and that made her a bit disappointed. Then she considered recording her progress through pictures. After several months she was finally able to see the difference. It was a great motivation for her!

She started to post the photos on her Instagram profile, where a lot of followers began taking her steps and cheered for her.

In only one year she lost 92 pounds. Now she is finally happy with her child, because they are able to play together.


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