Mom Replaced All Her Cooking Oil With Coconut Oil. After A Month, This Happened To Her Body

We are all awareВ about the importance of healthy eating, but not all of us are doing that in practice.В Did you know thatВ cooking with coconut oil is healthier solution compared toВ canola, vegetable, or olive oil?


There are a lot of reasons why coconut oil is more beneficial for our health.

Helps you to lose weight

Coconut oil isВ rich inВ fatty acids which increase the energy level in your body. They willВ keep you feeling full. Also it containsВ medium chain triglycerides which speedsВ up your metabolism.

Prevents heart disease

Fatty acids have ability toВ increase your blood lipid profile andВ reduce high cholesterol, which preventsВ heart disease.

Improves digestive process

Including aВ coconuts in your diet and cooking withВ coconut oil canВ improveВ digestion, because your body will absorbВ vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. Also theyВ reduce stomach ulcers, because theyВ fights against candida and bad bacteria.

PreventsВ infections

TheВ most abundantВ fatty acidВ in coconut oil isВ lauric acid, which isВ efficient killer of bacteria, fungi, or pathogens. If you start cooking with coconut oil you can prevent yourself of gettingВ microbes.

Helps in hormone balance

This oilВ is recommended after theВ menopause period in women.В Saturated fat and lauric acid will keep your estrogen levels in balance. It’s best to consume coconut oil with a combination ofВ avocado, flax seeds and ghee.

Prevents symptoms of aging

Coconut oil is a good source ofВ antioxidants whichВ help to slow the aging process, according to the journalВ Food and Function. Consuming coconut oil will also reduce stressВ on your liver.


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