Mom Refuses To Throw Away Eggshells And Now Her Garden It Lovely. That And 10 Other Uses For Eggshells

When you eat eggs, you probably throw away the eggshells without even know the fact that they provide many uses and properties.

A mother who loves gardening, revealed a creative way of using the eggshells in the garden. You may not believe it, but eggshells are packed with various nutrients.

They can be used in the kitchen, household, and your garden.

Check out these 10 uses:

  • Mineralize the soil

To mineralize the soil with magnesium and calcium, add eggshells to the soil.

  • Use them as mulch

Eggshells contain nutrients that are extremely beneficial for the soil. Eggshells used as mulch offer a great effect in the garden. Apply a layer thick enough to deter weeds.

  • Drainage

Add eggshells to the bottom of a planter to improve the drainage of the soil. In this way, you will boost air circulation and improve the health of your plant.

  • Start your seeds

Add soil to half eggshells in an egg carton to start your seeds.

  • Add them to tomatoes

Your eggplants, tomatoes, and peppers often lack calcium, which causes blossom end root. So, you should crush the dried eggshells and sprinkle the pieces on the soil around the vegetables.

  • Balance the pH

Add eggshells to the soil to increase its pH levels.

  • Tea

Put 20 dry eggshells into a gallon of water. Let it steep until the following morning and strain. This will supply the soil with potassium and calcium.

  • Composting

You should crush the eggshells then add them to the compost heap.

  • Bird food

To boost their calcium levels, you should sprinkle some eggshells around the yard. Also, you can mix them with the birdseed of the birds.

  • Slug removal

To keep slugs at bay, surround the young plants with ground eggshells. Make sure to repeat this process after a rainstorm.

The inner membrane of an eggshell has healing properties that will speed up the healing of the splinters and cuts.

Due to their rich content of calcium, eggshells are great for the garden soil. They contain many nutrients that can boost the growth and health of your plants.

To obtain their maximum benefits, make sure to collect a lot of eggshells. Use a mixer or grinder to grind them. Then, add the eggshell powder into the soil.

It is recommended to do this in fall. In this way, they will have enough time to be absorbed in the roots of the plants. In the spring, you can add more eggshells.

So, don’t throw away the eggshells! Use them in your garden. They provide essential nutrients that will improve the health of your plants!

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