Mom Applies This Remedy to Her Baby, Shortly After He Dies. Be Careful With This, Moms!

Many of us are using Vick VapoRub as a safe balm, compelling for nasal clog, fever, and a lot of other affections.


Reading this article will make people question it’s use, especially the parents.

A Mexican mother wants to raise the awareness about the use of Vick VapoRub, after she lost her 2-years-old baby!

When she noticed that her baby had a fever, she considered it was just a common cold. She rubbed a little Vick VapoRub under his nose, on his chest, and back.

She was tired and laid down next to him. After several hours she noticed her son wasn’t breathing.

She immediately took him to the hospital, but the doctors concluded the child had been dead for hours. In the medical report they stated a death due to inflammation in the respiratory track, which was caused from a famous ointment.

The mother only wanted to help him breathe, but the ointment did the opposite. The problem is that Vick VapoRub is effective only for adults. In case of a baby, the ointment increases the mucus by 60%, and blocks the breathing.

The label of the ointment warns it’s usage in children younger than 3 years old.

We always have to read the labels when we use some remedy. We should also ask for expert’s advice when we want to use some home remedy.

We must be careful, because only a simple mistake can take our loved ones!


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