The Mixture of These Two Ingredients is The Secret That Will Help You Eliminate Abdominal Fat!

The accumulation of abdominal fat is a very common problem,В especially in women. There are available some commercial products, but most of them are not effective. Luckily there is a natural cream that will help you for sure!


The results will be visible in onlyВ several weeks. The most important fact is thatВ you don’t have to intake any chemicals in order to achieve your goal.


  • A medium package of baby oil
  • One and a half tablet of camphor


First you need to add theВ camphor into the oil and mix well until you get aВ homogeneous mixture. You should leave the mixtureВ to rest for at least 2 days.


Every night before bed, stir theВ mixture, and apply it onВ the affected area. Massage well withВ soft and circular movements.


  • It’s recommended to drink a lot of water while you are using the treatment.
  • If youВ are allergic to camphor, you shouldn’t try it.


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