Meet the Man Who Lost More Than 300 Pounds on the ‘Walmart Diet’ (Video)

A man in Arizona successfully dropped more than 300 pounds with Walmart diet. The diet includes walking a mile to Walmart to buy some healthy food when he got hungry.

Meet the Man Who Lost More Than 300 Pounds on the Walmart Diet Video

He said that the diet is very simple – “You walk to Walmart three times a day and you end up walking six miles”, said Pasquale “Pat” Brocco. He is 31 years old and weighed a 605 pounds before three years. “It’s amazing because I never walked six miles in my life and I was doing it every day.”

Because of his overweight, he was suffering from high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol.

He decided to change something in his lifestyle and made radical changes in his diet – he throw out junk food and start to eat vegetables, quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oatmeal and lean meats.

He also started going to the gym once he slimmed down enough to be comfortable using the machines.

Brocco recently had to have 30 pounds of excess skin removed by a plastic surgeon.


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