Medical Phenomenon? She Stopped Aging at Thirty, Mostly Thanks to This Ingredient!

Pamela Jacobs (UK, 52, originally from South Asia) looks like she has aboutВ 30 years. HerВ identity card shows even 22 years more.

Medical Phenomenon She Stopped Aging at Thirty Mostly Thanks to This Ingredient

She hasВ flawless complexion and handsome body inВ herВ 52 and looksВ almost perfect. The reason for her beauty isВ primarily due toВ genetics, as well as care in which she invests heavily.В She eats healthy food, exercises a lot, and use coconut oil as the main thingВ deserving of her appearance.

She appliesВ coconut oilВ 2 times perВ day on the whole body as a moisturizer, removes make-up, and once a week on brushes the body and bathes in detoxifying bath with Himalayan salt. Once a week she usesВ coconut oil as a face mask – she applies on her face before bed time ans sleeps with it. The next day, her skin is reborn, she says.

She has only one problem with her beauty – often people think she is a girlfriend of her son, who is 21 years old,В she says.

Many people thinks that she is still a student. Recently, when she wanted to buy a ticket to London,В she was offered to use a discount for students.

She follows the 80/20 rule in her diet. It means that he eat organic and healthy food for 80%, and not so healthy food for 20%, such asВ pudding, alcohol and dark chocolate.

She avoids bread, sugar, pasta and fruit too, and loves green leafy vegetables, water with lemon, protein foods, turmeric, ginger and pepper.

She exercise regularly and goes to the sauna followed by a shower with cold water.

Why is coconut oil so good?

Coconut oil can really be describedВ as aВ superfood.

It contains a unique combination of fatty acids with strong medicinal properties.В Most of the fatty acid triglyceride is considered a long chain, or coconut oil is metabolized differently. TheseВ triglycerides are used as aВ quick source of energy in the liver.

In our Western society, coconut oil isВ consumed by people aware of the importance of a healthy diet. There are many countries who use coconut oil as aВ dietary product. InВ the South Pacific,В people are the largest consumers of saturated fats in the world. They consumeВ 60% of their calories from coconut.В These people have excellent health, and among them heart disease is far less often than in the rest of the world.


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