Maximum Spread! Omeprazole: the Gastric Protector That Ends Your Health

Omeprazole (Prilosec, Zegerid) is a drug part of a group called proton pump inhibitors. This drug is a powerful inhibitor of gastric acid. The gastric acid is crucial for the body when regulating digestion and eliminating microbes. However, this drug is actually detrimental to our health.

The main side effect of omeprazole is that it creates addiction, especially when it comes to treating gastritis. Moreover, when consumed for a prolonged time, this drug can affect the absorption the body has of vitamin B12. As a result, this may trigger some serious health issues, such as anemia, depression, dementia and neurological damage.

The Dangers of Omeprazole for the Health

The vitamin B12 is directly related to the production of red blood cells from our organism. However, when there is an issue during the absorption of this vitamin, symptoms like fatigue start to appear. Moreover, omeprazole decreases calcium absorption by our body, which causes bone and muscle problems.

Additionally, omeprazole is also closely associated with respiratory issues because the gastric acid diminishes, and as a result, all types of agents toxic and harmful can enter our organism. According to a recent research conducted at the Kaiser Permanente Institute in the US, omeprazole causes dangers when consumed daily over two years. In fact, the patients who consumed omeprazole had a 65% risk of vitamin B12 deficiency compared to the number of patients who had never used the drug.

Tips for Getting Off Omeprazole

Incorporate a Low-Carb Diet

So, besides avoiding foods that generally cause you heartburn, you should also incorporate a low-carb diet. This will improve the reflux symptoms and you will not feel the need for medications.

Consume Almonds

Consuming almonds after a meal will eliminate the symptoms of heartburn. Eat 2 almonds immediately after every meal or try almond milk for reflux relief.

Increase the Intake of Vegetables

One of the most powerful heartburn remedies is broccoli. Additionally, you should also avoid meat, flour, and sugar.

Include Fermented Foods

The fermented foods contain beneficial probiotics, which will ease the heartburn symptoms immediately.

Try Herbal Remedies

The herbal remedies, such as cayenne pepper, will alleviate the symptoms of heartburn. Simply, take cayenne pills or ginger tea twenty minutes before each meal.

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