If You Have This Mark on Your Hand, This Will Happen to You

Palm reading can say a lot about you. This practice comes from an ancient art from several thousand years ago.

If You Have This Mark on Your Hand This Will Happen to You

Some people have lines on the palm which form the letter M. It can be found when the major lines on the palm are all aligned. If you can find this letter on your hand, it means that you are very special person. (1)

It represents the character of the people, what also plays an important role is the hand dominance. The persons with this mark on their palm are great judge of character, gifted in the career, can easily spot lies of others and can easily tell when another person is lying.

The lines on the left hand represent the personality, destiny you are born with and your character traits. And this is vice versa for the left-handed people.

Most of the people are certain that almost everyone of us have the sign M on the palm, but it can be seen clearly or a little blurry.

Palmistry was born from Hindu astrology. The evidence of this practice is found in the ancient Chinese divination texts of the I Ching. Then the practice spread over Asia and Europe. The knowledge of palmistry was passed to Alexander the Great from his tutor Aristotle. He used the practice to judge the character of his military officers. (2)

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