Love Yourself Before All the Rest

Anita Moorjani has a recipe to fight cancer that might catch some by surprise.


The New York Times bestselling Dying to be Me author revived from a near death experience (NDE) in February 2006 and completely recovered from end-stage cancer. In fact, she says she knew she was well before her body or her doctors caught up with her conviction. Within weeks they couldn’t find any trace of cancer.

If Anita’s doctors had been right, she would not be alive today. But she is — and not, according to her, because of the chemotherapy or invasive procedures. Something radical changed within her thinking while she was “away.”

I continued to work on being “better,” kinder, more “loving,” more “spiritual.” I was always judging myself because I never felt I made the mark.В And then I got cancer. In fact, I didn’t just get cancer, I nearly died from cancer! But my cancer was the greatest gift I could ever have. Nearly dying taught me how to live.

Prior to her NDE, Anita said she had been living in constant fear of disease and she never really valued herself. Yet her experience gave her the conviction that true healing and living an authentic life begin with loving yourself and eliminating fear.

My cancer taught me the importance of loving and valuing myself unconditionally for who I am — a perfect being of the Universe, who is worthy and deserving of love, without needing to prove myself, better myself or change myself in any way. I became aware that I am someone who has a right to express my uniqueness with abandon.

The most meaningful lesson I learned from being at death’s door is that unless I love myself, nothing else in my life can function at its best.В The amount of love, kindness, patience I have for others is also directly proportional to how much love, patience and kindness I have for myself, because we cannot give others what we ourselves do not have.В Learning to love others begins with learning to love ourselves unconditionally first. This seems to be a well-kept secret, which no one taught me as I was growing up.

I now also understand that I don’t have to work at being spiritual. Being spiritual is who we are, at our core, whether we realize it or not. It is our true nature, so we cannot not be spiritual! Being yourself and being spiritual are one and the same thing.

My life is much more joyful and meaningful now, and I have much more love to share with others than I ever did before, which I do unconditionally, and without draining myself. But most important, I now understand that if I do not express my authenticity, the Universe will be deprived of who I came here to be.

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