She Lost 50 Pounds In Just 6 Weeks Only By Doing This Every Night Before Going to Bed

The diet called “flat belly overnight” has become so popular, especially among the female population. The main reason about that is the fact that you can achieve the results in a very short time.


The diet was invented by Andrew Raposo, a famous fitness trainer. In fact it’s the secret how he keep himself in a good shape.

Andrew’s sister also has been using the diet, which helped her to get rid of excess weight. Amy tried many diets and workouts before, but none of them helped her.

Strict diets are not recommended, because they will result in health complications. That’s happened to Amy, and she developed type 2 diabetes.

There are some diets which include a lot of vegetables and fruits, but they also can have some negative impact for the overall health. We all agree that fruits are healthy, but also they are full of toxins and pesticides. Very often consumption of vegetables and fruits increase the levels of cortisone and leptin, which slows the metabolism.

Some other diets reduce the intake of calories, which result as slowed metabolism and lack of energy.

On the other hand we have the flat belly overnight diet with a minimum negative effects. Amy Raposo was in difficult situation with type 2 diabetes and experienced a stroke when she started the diet. In only 24 h she was able to lost 8 pounds!

She included only 3 minute exercise per day, and started using spices and herbs. She ate food that speeds the metabolism and stimulate the process of calorie burning. While the herbs helped her to reduce free radicals and toxins.

Finally she managed to normalize her blood pressure and sugar levels.


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