Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer With Magnets

A group of scientists isВ South Korea decided toВ use magnets in order to stimulate cancer cells to self-destruct. The body get rid ofВ old, defective, and infected cells through the process of programmed cell death (PCD),В or apoptosis.

Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer With Magnets

In this process, the rejected cells respondВ to theВ signals which were sent from theВ body by fragmenting. These fragmentsВ are consumed by theВ immune cells.

Rejected cells divide uncontrollably when apoptosis fails and theВ tumors are developed.

Magnets Induce Apoptosis

Jinwoo Cheon, professor at Yonsei University in Seoul, in association with his team scientists, made an experiment by using magnetic fields on bowel cancer cells in order to induce apoptosis. They attached iron nanoparticles to antibodies, which bind to “receptor” molecules on tumor cells. When the magnetic field is applied, the molecules cluster start to trigger the “self-destruct” signal and thereby apoptosis. When the signal for apoptopic clustering came into effect, over the half of the bowel cancer cells were destroyed. Untreated cells remained unaffected and unharmed.

The scientists conducted theВ same therapy on zebra fishВ and it leads to the growth of unusual tails.

“We have demonstrated that apoptosis signaling can be turned on in-vitro (in the laboratory) and in a zebra fish in-vivo (living) model by using a magnetic switch. Our magnetic switch may be broadly applicable to any type of surface membrane receptors that exhibit cellular functions on clustering.”, the scientists said.

This study is going to beВ publishedВ in the journal Nature Materials. The findings ofВ this kind of studies are often hidden from the public due to the fact that they are not profitable for big pharmaceutical companies.

There are a lot ofВ drug manufacturers which profitВ on diseases and cancer drugs, even though they have been shown to worsen the situation of patients.

Many studies show thatВ alternative treatments haveВ a better results compared to traditional medicine, butВ pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine will not recognize or confirm their beneficial effects in the treatment of this deadly disease.

Source:В getholistichealth.com
Image:В medicalnewstoday.com

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