Do You Know That Hot Water is the Cheapest Medicine?

Drinking hot or boiling waterВ is a common practice in some countries, such asВ China,В India, Japan, and other close to their culture. Also,В the ancient ayurveda suggest drinking ofВ hot water.

Do You Know That Hot Water the Cheapest Medicine

The water we drink is a part ofВ many biochemical reactionsВ that happen in our organism. So, if we boil the water enough to steaming, we willВ destroy the microorganisms and the hemical roadworthiness gets better. This is one of the reasons why weВ boil the water and the food before consuming.

Ancient peopleВ were cooking on a open flame, andВ the flame was even getting in the substance that was cooked. TheВ boiled water and food will easier boil in the bodyВ and will foster the immunity.

With drinking boiled water we are actually helping to our body.В Otherwise, itВ will have to fight alone with bacteria and other microorganisms.

Regularly consumption ofВ boiled waterВ foster the autoimmune system andВ strength of the organism. This will be also helpful in case ofВ acute inflammation, flu, fever, and high temperature.В It’s recommended to boil the water tillВ there isВ onlyВ half of the water left.

In case ofВ chronic inflammation, the water should be boiledВ till there is only 2/5 of the water left. You should drink the water hot like you are drinking tea.

If you suffer fromВ asthma, migraine, arthritis, angina pectoris, cellulite and other heart deseases, you should boilВ till there was 1/4В from the water left.


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