Do You Know What the Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Means? The Answer is More Important Than You Think!

Did you know that nails can be health indicator for different diseases, such as cancer? Lunula is the crescent-shaped white area which is located at the end of fingernail. It is very sensitive and shouldn’t be damaged.

Do You Know What the Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Means The Answer is More Important Than You Think

Here are the most important facts about the Lunula:

1. Lunula means small moon in Latin.

2. Small Lunula could be a symptom of slow metabolism or too much toxins in the organism.

3. As we already mentioned, it is very sensitive part which mustn’t get damages.

4. If you damage Lunula you can permanent damage the entire nail.

5. It hides the blood vessels underneath, and it’s fifth basal layer of the epidermis. That’s why it is white.

6. Sometimes the Lunula is not visible, because of the thickened layer of the skin around the fingernails and toenails which cover it.

7. The lack of Lunula may be a sign of anemia and malnutrition, according of the traditional Chinese medicine. Pale or bluish Lunula could be a potential sign of diabetes. Red smudges of Lunula may indicate that person suffer from heart diseases.

8. If the person has only one Lunula on the thumbs, it means that he has lack of physical energy and may get sick.

9. If you have 8 to 10 Lunulas in both hands, it means that everything is alright with your health. The whiter the Lunula, the stronger the person.

10. If the person is energetic and healthy, his Lunula will be clearly visible.


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