Johnson & Johnson Finally Admits: Our Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients

Kids and their health are the most important thing for every parent. WeВ should beВ awareВ of our children’sВ lifestyle, andВ what kind ofВ food they consume.

Johnson Johnson Finally Admits Our Baby Products Contain Cancer Causing Ingredients

We are trying to protect our kids from all dangers, but sometimes we are unaware that we are putting ourВ children at risk by usingВ some common products.

Have you heard that one of theВ most popularВ baby care products are harmful?В The brand is calledВ Johnson & Johnson, and you are probably using their products.

Babies have very sensitive skin and immune system. So, if you expose them to harmful and toxic ingredients,В it mayВ cause someВ chronic disease in the future.

Regular use of these products canВ weaken theirВ immune system, that will cause them to beВ susceptible to other pathogens and diseases.

If you went to theВ local supermarket and read the ingredients from any kind ofВ Johnson & Johnson product, you willВ be surprised how manyВ ingredients and compounds they contain.

You will noticeВ 1,4-dioxane, which is linked to many diseases according to the Environmental Protection Agency, such asВ skin irritation, headaches, drowsiness, vertigo and liver damage. Also, there is another dangerous ingredient known asВ Quaternium-15 which isВ carcinogen.

Johnson & Johnson came out with statement that they willВ remove theseВ toxic chemicals from their products in America. For now their products are toxin-free inВ Sweden, Norway, Japan, South Africa, Denmark and Finland.

We suggest you to findВ safe alternative for your child’s care. Some of them are:В Aveeno, BabyGanics, Burt’s Bees,В California Baby, and Little Twig.


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