This is Why Japanese Women Never Get Fat and Live the Longest! Their Secret, Simply Amazing!

Japanese women are well known for being fit, and their averageВ lifespan is 85 years. There is a big reason about their longevity!

This is Why Japanese Women Never Get Fat and Live the Longest Their Secret Simply Amazing

The secret is raveled in the book “Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat”. The author Naomi Moriyama leads you in the kitchen of her Japanese mother, where you can find what kind of food they consume. They include seaweed, soy, fish, fruits, vegetables, green tea, and rice. The traditional Japanese meals consists of soup, bowl of rice, grilled fish, cooked vegetables, fruits, and green tea. They are rich with anti-aging properties and helps in weight loss.

Japanese population are 2% of the whole world, but they consume 10% of all fish.

The parents in Japan are teaching their children to eat slowly and to appearance every bite. They serve the different foods separately andВ in small portions.

The food in Japan are slowly cooked,В and instead of breadВ theyВ eat rice. The breakfastВ in JapanВ is the most important meal of the day. They usually eatВ rice cooked by steaming, soup, tofu, seaweed, green tea, young garlic, and a piece of fish or omelet.

Usually they avoid to consume sweet desserts, but when theyВ do, they eat very small portions. When it comes to sweat food, they likeВ ice cream, cakes, chocolates and cookies, but they have better understanding of the negative impact of these foods.

At the end of the book are explained the healthy lifestyle habits ofВ walking, biking, and hiking to maintain.


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