Is It Good to Drink Water While Eating?

Drinking water while eating can slow digestion. It is better to drink water before eating because in addition to protecting the stomach walls, it helps make us feel fuller and prevents us from overeating.


There are two opposing sides of the argument regarding if it’s good to drink water while eating. Although it’s true that you cannot live without this liquid and that your body is made up mostly of water, it is said that drinking water while eating can also interfere with the digestion process. Find out the answer to this question in the following article.

Water, the Essential Liquid

Everyone knows about the benefits of water, such as eliminating toxins, hydrating organs, transporting minerals to the cells, and helping in all metabolic processes. That is why we recommend drinking between two and two and a half liters a day.

For a while, there has been a debate regarding if it’s good or not to drink water while eating. Does it help you lose weight or not? Does it change the digestive process? Does it make you retain more liquid? There are a lot of myths and preconceived ideas on this subject.

Firstly, water, when drunk alone, has no calories. If you drink water before lunch or dinner, your stomach will fill up and this will make you eat less, but you won’t be losing weight because of that.

A study by the American Chemical Society of Boston stated that people who drank two glasses of water before eating eat between 75 and 90% less calories. This is because water satiates hunger or also because sometimes we think we are hungry when it is thirst in reality.

Another belief is that if you drink water during meals, it will cause fluid retention. Experts say that this is false, because the opposite happens. Drinking water stimulates kidney functioning and helps balance water levels in the body, no matter what time it is or what you are doing.

In the case of some diets, which prohibit drinking water at the same time you eat carbohydrates, state that this is because it makes digestion difficult. This method should be done with dishes that include potato, bread, white rice, and potatoes. They insist that those foods “get bloated” with water, which is why they inflame your stomach and make you look fatter.

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