Infected 1.8 Million People: Full Disease – The “Silent Killer” That You Have, and You Do Not Even Know!

The new silent killer is known as “Chlamydia”. One inВ hundred Americans have this sexually transmitted disease, according toВ Centers for Disease Control.

Infected Million People The Silent Killer That You Have and You Do Not Even Know

Officially 1.4 million people are suffering fromВ Chlamydia.В 400,000 people may have it and be clueless about the risk it poses to themselves and their partners.

There are also some sick people around, which are not under medical attention. They are notВ guilty about that, becauseВ they don’tВ even know they have the disease.

“Sometimes it can appear increased vaginal discharge or pain while urinating, but the most common symptoms are completely seamless.” says Professor Mary Jane Minkin, of Yale University.

If man hasВ the disease he can transfer to his partner very easy. The treatment for women would beВ for months or years. If not treated, it canВ spread into the uterus and ovaries.

Chlamydia can be easily detected by theВ gynecologist and it can be removed withВ antibiotics.


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