Immediately Stop Your Children If You See It In This Position

The W-positions is one of many sitting positions that most children move into and out of while playing, but it’s a four-letter word to some parents. W-sitting is not recommended for anyone. Many typically developing children do move through this position during play, but all parents should be aware that the excessive use of this position during the growing years can lead to future orthopedic problems.

Immediately Stop Your Children If You See It In This Position



ThisВ position of sitting is very common forВ children, becauseВ a child is planted in place or “fixed” through the trunk Sitting in WВ allows for play with toys in front, but does not permit trunk rotation and lateral weight shifts.В They spend many hours like that while playing, however, it may cause a lot of issues about which people are not even aware of.

Negative Effects Of “W” Sitting

The reality is that this position can cause orthopedic problems, delay development of postural control and stability, and delay development of refined motor skills. For these reasons, its use is strongly discouraged.

“W-sitting” can lead to hip dislocation, and for children with pre-existing orthopedic conditions, these conditions can worsen when major muscle groups are placed in shortened positions. The muscles begin to tighten, and this can lead to a permanent shortening of the muscle, which can affect coordination, balance, and development of motor skills.


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