She Ignored This Small Dot On Her Leg, But When She Finally Goes For an X-Ray… Holy Cow!

Heather Charlebois, aВ 42 years women felt a stinging sensation in her leg, while sheВ was sitting with her boyfriend at Cafe Da Vinci in DeLandВ and watching a band.

She Ignored This Small Dot On Her Leg But When She Finally Goes For an X Ray Holy Cow

“We heard a loud pop and I felt pain in my leg, so we all assumed it was a fire cracker. We never figured it was a gun shot.” – she said.

She was feeling a pain forВ the next four days, so she went toВ the hospital. The doctors told her that the bullet was foundВ very close to an artery,В and could cause very big problems.

“Yesterday everyone was telling me it looked like a bullet hole so they wanted me to go to the hospital, so I did.” – she said.

Police believe that someone outside of the restaurant was firing their gunВ and one of the bullets fell back downВ it Charlebois leg.

On the video below you can see howВ she walked away from the table, andВ the blood stain on her jeans isВ also noticeable.


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