How to Live More Happier

Live More Happier

  1. Do Not Fear and Worry
    Feelings of fear and worry are the most unproductive things in our mind. Most of the things we worry about or fear never happens. So what are we worried and afraid for?
  2. Do Not Have a Grudge
    Revenge is going to be the biggest and heaviest burden if we keep it in our hearts. Will you carry it throughout life? …. I don’t think so. Do not waste our energy to hold a grudge, it is definitely no use. Use our energy for things that are positive.
  3. Focus on One of The Issues
    If we have some problems, resolve our problems one by one. Do not thinkВ to solve the problem at once because it will make us more stress.
  4. Do Not Bring Your Problems to Sleep
    Problems are theВ very bad thing for ourВ health when we are sleeping. Our subconscious mind is a wonderful thing that can make us nervous and make us not sleeping soundly.
  5. Never Take Other People’s Problems To Solve
    Helping others who are in trouble is a noble thing, but if we take the largest portion to solve other people’s problems that will became the biggest mistake. Let the person who solve their own problems with the largest portion.
  6. Do not Live in the Past
    May be convenient for us to remember things that are fun in the past but do not fall asleep in it. Concentrate with what is happening now, because we will be able to feel a lot of happiness in the moment. I am sure we will feeling much happier if we were celebrating what happened today than remembering the happiness in the past.
  7. Be a Good Listener
    Probably most people, hard to be a good listener. On the contrary we expect other people to listen to our speech, but actually if we listen to the others, we will get a lot of new things that can be very useful for the happiness of our lives.
  8. Do not Let Frustration Disrupting Your Life
    Have mercy on ourselvesВ more than anything else, I mean we must not give up in frustration. Keep forward. Take positive action and do it consistently.
  9. Always Be Thankful
    Grateful and thankful for everything we get, not only positive but also negative, because I believe behind every negative things there are good things we can learn.


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