This Hormone is The Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight – Here is How to Fix This Problem!

YouВ are trying to loseВ weight and you are not satisfied with the results? It seems your diet or work out can’tВ achieve the expected result? In such a case, theВ leptin may be what you need to handle quickly.

This Hormone is The Reason Why You Cant Lose Weight Here is How to Fix This Problem

Leptin is a secret hormone with the main function to balance your bodyВ weight and energy levels. Here are theВ two function of this hormone:

  • signaling to your brain when it is time to stop eating
  • it stimulates fatty tissue to burn energy

Your body increases the level ofВ leptin into your blood stream,В in other to create a balance by stimulating fatty tissue to burn excess fat.В As you grow fatter, theВ body releases more and more leptin.В However, sometime it would seem as if leptin is malfunction.В More accurately, the bodies of many overweight people have developed what we call leptin resistance.

What leptin resistance means and how it happens?

After long periods of high leptin levels, many people are losing sensitivity to leptin in their bodies. In other words, the brain doesn’t listen when the leptin is telling it to hasten the metabolism and to stop eating.

This can make your weight loss process very difficult.В Leptin resistance is making its sufferer prone to chronic disease by causing increased inflammation and excess stomach fat.

The other reason for developingВ leptin resistance can be a crash diets. Drastically reducing the calorie intake for very fast weight loss is bad! As a result of this, the response of the leptin can be damaged.

This is why it’s probably a great idea to completely avoid these type of diets, because they fail most of the times and they can even deliver some illnesses. So, that is definitely a wrong approach for the weight loss process.

You could becomeВ leptin resistance if you eat processed food very often, such as:

  • Foods high in fat
  • Foods high in sugar
  • Refined Carbohydrates
  • High fructose corn syrup


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