Hidden Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

The most common type of cancer among women is breast cancer. 14 percent of all types of cancer belong to the breast cancer,В according to research.

Hidden Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

In order to notice the changes in our body, first we need toВ know our body and the anatomy.В Breasts consist of breast tissue, connective tissue, fat tissue, arteries, veins, and nerves. As we are aging, the breasts change. ItВ isВ important to be able toВ notice any abnormal changes on your breasts and take precaution.

1. Lump in the breast is the most common sign and it is very easy to notice. If you noticeВ lumps, they may be benign or they may be only cysts, but also they can beВ cancer cells. Cysts are a bag of fluid located into the tissue and they are very common thing.

2. We suggest you toВ test your body on a regular basis. This habit can help you to detect any lumps or thick areas on the breasts.

3. You should notice theВ changes in the size and the shape of your breasts.

4. You should consult doctor if you feel a pain in your breasts, especially if you are in menstrual period.

5. Milky or bloody discharges from your nipples in periods when you are not breastfeeding might be indication of breast cancer.

6.В The sunken skin on your breast can also be a reason forВ cancer.

7. Indications of breast cancer can be rash and swelling on the nipples, even redness on the lymph node on the armpit.

Every woman needs to check and test her breasts and armpits. If she discovered some symptomsВ in its early phase, the treatment will be much easier and more efficient.

Source:В makeyourlifehealthier.com

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