Here’s Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use Iphones or Ipads (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

The reporter Nick Bilton fromВ New York Times,В once asked Steve Jobs in an interview whether his children loved the iPad. Job responded that his kids haven’t used the iPad yet. The main reason about thatВ was theВ limited amount of technology their children use at home.

Heres Why Steve Jobs Didnt Let His Kids Use Iphones or Ipads And Why You Shouldnt Either

The engineers from Sillicon Valley are protecting their children from technology. Sillicon Valley is one of the best known place for technology innovations, where works one of the best technology experts and engineers. There is a non-tech school called Waldrof School, where computers aren’t used. This school is located in Los Altos where the engineers send their children to.

Chris Anderson is a CEO of 3D Robotics and father of five children. He explains what is the reason for keeping his children away from using technology. He says that his children accuse him and his wife for being fascists and overly concerned about tech and that none of their friends follow the same rules. He continues by saying that he doesn’t want to see the dangers of technology affect his children.

These days children tend to use technology at early age, which result withВ devoid of creativity and imagination. If children doesn’tВ have smart phone and laptop, it doesn’t mean that it will has anyВ less quality childhood.В In contrary, the older people who were not grown with technology had a much more fulfilled childhood. TheyВ were playing outside, learned from movement, hands-on interaction, and theyВ learned by reading books and socializing with theirВ friends.

Be aware that handing your children a smart phone would rob them of a healthier and more independent development. Instead of playing Candy Crush all day or Snapchat with their friends, why don’t you as a parent consider another way of organizing their free time?

Think about going outside and play with your kids, surround them with nature. At first they may be resentful but in the end theyВ willВ be thankful!


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