Here’s How Coconut Oil Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger In Just A Few Weeks!

Most commercial cosmetic products we use nowadays are filled with chemicals and toxins that are slowly, but surely destroying our health. In fact, these chemicals are detrimental for our health, but we still use them on a daily basis. Many of them are not effective at all, but there is a natural product that can make you look younger and protect your skin at the same time – coconut oil.

Coconut oil has been used as a remedy against numerous skin problems for centuries. It has a powerful hydrating effect and has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well. The oil is great for your hair due to the presence of natural proteins, and can be used against a variety of problems and in different ways.

Here’s how to use coconut oil to look younger for 10 years:

Great hair conditioner

Rub coconut oil on your hair often and your hair will become silky smooth and soft.

Natural deodorant

Instead of spraying commercial deodorants, rub a bit of coconut oil on your underarms to keep yourself smelling fresh without exposing your health at risk.

A natural toothpaste

According to experts, brushing your teeth with coconut oil will improve your oral health and make your teeth whiter than ever.

Powerful hair serum

When mixed with vitamin E, coconut oil creates a powerful hair serum that can make your hair look better than ever before.

Teeth whitening

Coconut oil can be used for oil pulling, an ancient Ayurvedic technique that can whiten your teeth and resolve almost any kind of oral problem.

Coconut oil, clay and charcoal facial soap

Mix the 3 ingredients together to create a powerful facial soap that can clean your skin deep.

Natural sunscreen

Rub coconut oil on your skin when at the beach to naturally protect it from the harmful action of the sun’s UV-rays.

Lotion bar

Add some beeswax and essential oils in some coconut oil to create a homemade lotion bar that will hydrate your skin.

An effective stretch mark cream

Rub coconut oil on your stretch marks to make them disappear quickly.

Massage oil

Mix Вј cup of coconut oil with 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil to create a powerful massage oil that can relieve numerous problems.

Shaving cream

Coconut oil is a great replacement for shaving cream – it will soothe razor burns and leave a nice fresh smell behind.

Body scrub

Mix ВЅ a cup of coconut oil with the same amount of sugar to create a powerful body scrub that will soften your skin.


Rub coconut oil on your skin to keep it hydrated and glowing.

A natural mouthwash

Swish some coconut oil in your mouth instead of commercial mouthwashes to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Self-tanning agent

You can use coconut oil to easily and safely tan your skin.

Anti-dandruff product

Add some coconut oil in your shampoo and wash your hair with it to treat and prevent dandruff.

Makeup remover

Use coconut oil on a cotton pad to efficiently remove your makeup.

Cellulite cream

Rub coconut oil on your thighs and buttocks to remove cellulite quickly.

Treats varicose veins

Massage the varicose veins with coconut oil to make them disappear soon.

Treats acne

Coconut oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which work great against acne.

Makeup brush cleaner

Soak your makeup brushes in coconut oil to keep them clean and soft.

Under-eye cream

Coconut oil is a great under eye-cream.

Body butter

Mix some of the oil with a few drops of an essential oil to create a great body butter that will keep your skin soft and smooth.

Lip balm

Rub some coconut oil on your lips to keep them smooth and soft.

Nail cream

You can keep your nails in perfect shape by regularly rubbing them with the oil.

Cracked heels

If your heels are cracked and looking unpleasant, rubbing coconut oil on them can soften the skin and make it look better than ever before.

Foot scrub

Mix a cup of Epsom salt with 2 cups coconut oil and a bit of peppermint essential oil for a nice body scrub that will hydrate and protect your skin.

Night cream

Coconut oil is a great replacement for those night creams that cost too much.

Shampoo bar

Add some of the oil in your shampoo bars for a nice refreshing smell.

Anti-aging cream

Rub coconut oil on your hands and face to prevent premature aging and get rid of age spots as well.

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