Here’s Why You Have “Bad Breath”. Remove This and Solve The Problem!

Are you aВ victim of bad breath?В If you are,В you might have faced abnormal distance maintained from you.

Here is Why You Have Bad Breath Remove This and Solve The Problem

There are a lot of reasons about bad breath and your own mistake is one of them. The stones on your tonsils is a main reason forВ causing bad breath coming from your mouth.

These are the little dots that you can see on the tonsils and can make your breath really awful. These stones releasing a gas that has a nasty and smells like sulphur.

Actually, they areВ just a lump of mucus, bacteria and stored food that collects in the back of the throat.В The cluster hardens over time and it can also cause pain.

You should remove these stones in order to stop the bad breath. Sometimes they disappear their own, but in most cases youВ need to remove them by surgical procedure.

In this video below you can see some simple steps to remove these stones yourself:

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