Here Is Why You’re Bloated All The Time And The Solution How To Fix It!

Bloating is a common issue these days, and it usually appears after a heavy meal. Some people feel bloated all the time. We give you a list of 5 reasons for the bloating, and the solutions to the problem.


What is bloating?

Many people think that bloating is excessive farting or belching. They feel full and their stomach is the size of a ball. Doctors have stated that bloating happens when you’re full of gas. Here’s 5 reasons why it happens:


If you feel much better when you empty your bowels, the problem is the constipation. This means you should add fiber to your diet, because the gasses are trapped behind the feces. Fiber will help with that. But consume it gradually and not all at once, or it’ll just worsen the issue. Instead of white bread use whole grain bread, and eat more berries and drink smoothies.


Bloating may appear when you eat too much carbs. You can solve this by eating low-carb foods. Replace sugar and alcohol with vegetable and fruit.

You are too stressed

Bloating may be caused by stress according to some studies. When the system is stressed our brain prevents the function of the digestive system. You can be also bloated by stomach ache and constipation. Try to relieve the stress so you can solve the issue.

You do not drink enough water

Not keeping well hydrated is a source of many health issues. Dehydration can be caused by alcohol and coffee, and if you drink them a lot, drink 6-8 glasses of water daily also. When the body is deprived of water, it uses the liquid it can find. Bloating can also be caused by fluid retention, so you should start drinking more water right away.

You eat too fast

Do not eat too fast, or you will get bloated. If you’re not chewing the food, the body processes it more slowly and bloating may appear. It’s also important to eat in small bites.


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