Here Is How To Stop Migraine Immediately

Migraine can ruin your day.В When you have a migraine, you usually feel the pulsating pain in your head which stays on one side of the head.

Use Salt To Stop Migraine Immediately

Probably you experienced a problem to concentrate during the migraine. Also, itВ limiting any kind of physical activity.

Most of the people are taking pain killers when they had a headache, but the pain killers have a lot of side effects. The good news is thatВ you can get rid of the pain with this super simple technique.


  • Lime juice or lemonade
  • Water
  • Salt


It’s very easy to prepare this remedy. You only have to take a glass of water, put the salt and the lemon juice and mix well.


You can also rub the lime or the lemon across the forehead.

There are manyВ salt options: sea salt, kosher, table salt, but the most effective and ideal salt for this method is Himalayan salt.

The mixture has to contain more concentration of salt than lemon or lime juice.


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