This Herb Improves Eyesight Even in People Older Than 70 Years. Solves Problems With the Eyes, Vision and Eye Pressure!

EyebrightВ is plant whichВ has been used as natural remedyВ since the 14thВ century.В In Roman times it was known asВ Euphrasia.

This Herb Improves Eyesight Even in People Older Than 70 Years Solves Problems With the Eyes Vision and Eye Pressure

It is believed that this plantВ can improve eye vision,В even in peopleВ older than 60 years.

The Euphrasia Plant

The plant hasВ deep cut leaves and white or purple blooms. It growsВ 2-8 inches tall, with bloomВ season between July and September.

In the blooming period around July or August, the plant produces anВ extract, whichВ contains several chemical compounds. Some of them are:В Euphrasia-Tannin acid, mannitol, and glucose.

The Benefits of theВ Plant for Your Eyes

Eyebright is used for treating ofВ different types of eye diseases and infections. ItВ can help you to get rid ofВ eye viruses and bacteria and relieves eye dryness and pain. The extract of this plant can be takenВ instead of eye drops.

The Benefits ofВ Eyebright forВ Skin Wounds

Eyebright helps the process of healing the skin wounds, but also it is effective in treatingВ acne and skin inflammation.

The Effect ofВ Eyebright onВ the Respiratory Tract

The plant has greatВ anti-inflammatory properties, which helpsВ againstВ fever, sinusitis, and respiratory tract infections. It is also good for healingВ nasal irritations and seasonal allergies.

How toВ ConsumeВ Eyebright?

It can be used inВ many forms, such as liquid, tincture, dried leaves, tablets, teabags, oil and even powder.

For adults it is recommendedВ 2-4 grams of dried herb, for maximum 3 times per day.

You can prepare a tea of this plant. JustВ mix 200ml boiling water with 2 tsps. dry eyebright. In case of an eye drops, the dosage should beВ one drop for maximum 5 times per day.



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