This Is The Healthiest Plant In The World And We Have Forgotten Of It Completely!

This is a plant that has been forgotten in the past, but scientists believe that it could be the healthiest vegetable around the world and its name is watercress. If you would like to find out something more about this amazing vegetable you have come to the right place.

This vegetable is great and very healthy to consume because it contains a lot of various minerals and vitamins which are essential for the health of our body. According to experts the watercress contains greater levels of iron that spinach and the levels of vitamin C in it are greater than the ones found in some citrus fruits. But, these nutrients are not the properties that make this plant great.

This plant has various other benefits for our health. But, throughout history this vegetable has been forgotten for unknown reasons, and it regained its glory in recent times. This miraculous plant was firstly developed in Eurasia, but, its glory got it spread all over the world in the recent years.

A recent study has shown that this incredible plant is one of the healthiest if not the healthiest plant all around the world. It cleanses the body from toxins, stimulates appetite, purifying the blood and stopping or reducing the oxidant stress in the body, this veggie has a lot of benefits for our health.

Watercress juice is drank by people on a daily basis, and it is recommended by experts to drink it in a 1:5 ratio diluted with water. The recommended dosage is a glass every 3-4 days. If you exceed this dosage the plant might cause some side-effects.

If you would like to treat some kind of hair or skin condition this juice can also be applied topically by rubbing it on the affected area or you can just use it in a form of compress and treating various skin and hair problems in that way.

If you would like to make a compress, all you need to do is crush a few watercress leaves and mix them with alcohol, after you have made it you can apply the ingredients on the area that you want to treat and finish the treatment by wrapping the whole thing with bandages. Leave the whole thing bandaged for a couple of hours and after you’re finished unwrap it and rinse the area with cold water.

The juice from this plant can also be used to stop tumor growth and metastasis by injecting it directly in the body. It is scientifically proven that the watercress juice can also prevent a lot of cardiovascular issues and it can prevent the spread of breast cancer. Smokers can benefit a lot from the watercress, because by eating watercress salad every day they reduce the harmful effects of smoking.

Watercress Salad:

The making of this salad is a very simple and very easy process. Firstly you should wash the leaves of the watercress, then, put them in a bowl. Add some water into the bowl, you should also add in some vinegar and salt. After doing this leave the salad for 60 minutes so that the leaves can soak in the mixture. The next thing that you need to do is chop the watercress leaves and put them into another bowl, adding garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and the salad is ready to eat. By eating this salad regularly you are going to strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from various diseases and health issues.

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