Happy Habits: 12 Rules to Improve your Overall Happiness in Life

We all want to be happy, don’t we? We are trying to do this with buying new things, meet people and travelling. But, do you think that happiness is the driving force in all that we want, say, and do?

12 Rules to Improve your Overall Happiness in Life

The truth of the matter is that most people aren’t really happy. They buy different things to make them happy, like cars, clothes, technology gadgets; they travel to far-off destinations; they move to a different city just to find some happiness.

If material things don’t make us happy, what does?

If you want to be happy, no amount of money, job, connections, or any other personal gain is going to give long-lasting happiness. Be sure thatВ winning the lottery might make you happy only for a few months. There is a study that shows howВ lottery winnings, or other financial windfalls, actually lead to more unhappiness than happiness.

Here is what we recommend you to do andВ follow everyday to make yourself happy:

  1. Give love
    To have compassion for people in their lives and realized that someone important to you is the biggest prerequisite for happiness. Spend every free moment with your dear people.
  2. Have a choice, always
    People who are considered autonomous and are able to decide on their own, decide to be three times more satisfied with life.
  3. A lot of humor
    Laughing leads to psychological changes that make you feel good. Strive daily to experience at least a ridiculous situation.
  4. Be optimistic
    Life is full of all kinds of experiences. Even sick, you should accept that, then there is still some chance. To think about “glass half empty” try bad experiences to turn them into your advantages in the long run.
  5. Be proactive
    The happiest people are always looking for new experiences, thanks to special desire to live. To encourage your inner awesome daily make one mistake. It will encourage you to try new experiences that otherwise would have avoided for fear of failure.
  6. Be witty
    People who have expressed wit are more satisfied than others. This fact reminds that perhaps life has a deeper meaning beyond the generally known.
  7. Be altruistic
    Unselfish giving without expectation is one of the best ways to feel great. Altruism connects you to the other it gives you purpose in life.
  8. Be brave
    Being brave means to behave in accordance with personal values. If you behave otherwise, you are at war with themselves. Determine towards things that are important to you, the pride will contribute to satisfaction.
  9. Note perspective
    For the world to observe the positive point, always think about the worst possible scenario. Which certainly is not your case.
  10. Be sure
    Reliability implies good feeling in the environment in which you live. Happy people are proud of what they are. They are not slaves to popularity or financial status.
  11. Have a goal
    To have a reason for getting up out of bed every day is the greatest satisfaction. If you still are not sure your goal, let your goal be to find.
  12. Keep your health
    The body and mind are connected, therefore, care of the self opens many doors and contributes to happiness. Health does not always mean you are in top form, but to live with full lungs.

Source:В wanderlustworker.com

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