This is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork

There are many people who avoid eating pork meat because it is unclear. Also, there are some medical experiments who claim this fact.

This is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork

Pigs are eating everything, from feces to spoiled sustenance and urine. Pigs are not able to eliminate the poisons from their bodies, because the food processes and digest for about 4 hours. There is no enough time to eliminate the poisons, so they remain them in their organs and fat cells.

A recent research found that in 70% of the pigs contains aВ dangerous microorganism called Yersinia eneroclitica. It can causeВ fever, vomiting, sickness, cramps and diarrhea. The research was done on 200 pigs and it also claims thatВ ground pork is even more dangerous than slashes of pork.

This meat also containsВ ractoparmine, a medicine that can cause death if sick people are consuming it. China and Europe has banned this medication, but unfortunately pork has it.

Eating pork can result with transferring some dangerous infections and parasites. There is a parasite calledВ Taenia solium, which causes appetite loss and tissue contamination. Other, called Trichinella, causes malaise, fever, edema and mylagia. The viral irritation hepatitis E causes nausea and weariness.

Cooking the pork can reduce the changes of developing some of the above mentioned diseases, but who knows if the cook temperature will destroy them. We suggest you toВ measure the inward temperature of the meat with aВ meat thermometer.В You should cook ground pork at 1600В degrees Fahrenheit,В and pork slashes at 145 degrees Fahrenheit.В If you cooked well, you should be able to destroy the harmful parasites.

Make sure to buy pork that contains no medication, ractoparmine, anti-toxins and chemicals. Find the proclamations when using antibiotics.В Even if it says on the package that the pork is organic you need to have concerns about the meat.

Pigs are fed in really low standards. As mentioned above, even if the meat is very well cooked, there are still a lot of dangers. You may haven’t got anything yet, but if you continue to eat more and more pork, chances are you might catch a disease.

The pigs in recent times are held in factory and they don’t enjoy the nature, such asВ clean air, bright sun and green grass. In factory the pigsВ develop fast and become available inВ the market.

In the factory, no one cleans after a pig has vomited or urinated and they are surrounded by their own toxins. Also, they breathe a lethal gas.

Pigs very often catchВ pneumoniaВ because of the presences of ammonia in the urine and feces.

You should thinkВ if you are going to eat pork meat again. First consider all the dangers it brings!


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