Here’s What Happens When Your Dog Lick Your Face! The Truth Will Shock You!

We allВ love dogs and play with them.В Some of us evenВ let themВ toВ lick their face. If you are one of those people, then we have a bad news for you. We don’t want toВ bring concerns, but it can beВ serious health risk.

Here is What Happens When Your Dog Lick Your Face The Truth Will Shock You

Most of the people think thatВ dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s mouth. They are wrong,В because dogs don’tВ brush theirВ teeth like humans do. Also, the dogs eat junk food.

The experts confirm that licking of dogВ can provide a lot of harmful bacteria on us. It can causeВ tuberculosis. There is case in 2013 when a 10 years oldВ child was infected with TB as a result of dog licks.

The dogВ saliva is Porfiromonas pathogen.В This dangerous skin pathogen is commonly transmitted through dog licks and itВ canВ actually cause gum disease in dogs and gingivitis in humans. Also, dogs can give us a nasty infection if theyВ lick ourВ wounds.

We strongly recommend you to avoid dog licking. Dog pushes it’s nose everywhere and it can causeВ propagation of bacteria on which the dogs are immune, but the humans aren’t.

We’re not saying that you should get rid of your pet or that you should stop giving him the love and tenderness that he certainly as your best friend deserves. You should just try to keep his tongue in his mouth.

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