Hair Washing Mistakes You Should Know You Are Making

There is not strong rule how often you should wash your hair. ItВ differs from person to person. You shouldВ make assessment yourselfВ how often you need to wash it.

Hair Washing Mistakes You Should Know You Are Making

Some of us practice to wash their hair everyday, the other take a break between each wash.

1. Don’t use shampoo every day

You should avoid toВ use shampoo every day. You can wash your hair every day, but try to useВ conditioner. Also, our suggestion is to use shampoo every second wash.

2.В Use proper massaging technique

When you apply shampoo, use your fingertips to slowlyВ massage the scalp. This will increase the circulation and it will keep the hair healthy.

3. Don’t let the water get too hot

The water should be warm, but not hot, because it will damage the skin. At the end, you should always rinse your hair with a cold water.

4.В Lather more than once

When you are washing your hair it is recommended to lather at least twice. That will help to get everything out of your hair.

5.В Rinse thoroughly

Rinse your hair thoroughly for at least a minute before you start to apply shampoo. This will help you to get rid of the products that you put on your hair before.

6.В Less is more

Do not use too much cosmetic products. There is a rule: less is always more!


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