When I Got in Her Car and Saw a Clothespin on the Air Vent, I Thought It Was Odd. Her Reason? Genius!

Most of us are using air fresheners in our cars in order to get rid of bad odors. But, these fresheners are packed with chemicals and can be harmful.

When I Got in Her Car and Saw a Clothespin on the Air Vent I Thought It Was Odd Her Reason Genius

In this article we are going to show you a very simple way to get rid of bad odors in your car.

The main thing for this trick is a wooden clothespin. You need to put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the clothespin. The wood will absorb the smell of the oil. Then, just put the clothespin into your car’s air vent. The good smell will very easy spread into the whole vehicle.

You can be eco-friendly and prevent the bad smell that garbage bins give off. Just put several oil drops on old newspaper and put it in the garbage recycle. It is a very effective method of natural absorbing the bad garbage smell.

Also you can make your house to smell great. Vanilla essential oil is recommended for this. Just put two teaspoons of vanilla extract in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour and make the whole house smell great.

For the kitchen garbage you can drop a few lemon slices down the disposal and grind them up.

Coffee beans are also good way to stay away with unwanted odors. You can drop some beans in closet or other rooms around the house.

Source: myhealthylivingteam.com

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