God’s Cure Written in the Bible: This Powerful and 3.500 Years Old Remedy, Cures All Diseases!

The olive tree is mentioned more thanВ a thousand times in the Bible.В Olives are very popular these daysВ and they are combined with different types of food. They have a goodВ healing properties and are often used in natural remedies.

Gods Cure Written in the Bible This Powerful and 3500 Years Old Remedy Cures All Diseases

But, most of us don’t know thatВ olive leaves are also veryВ beneficial, withВ very strong anti-bacterial properties. They are great to improve the health conditionВ impaired fromВ microbes. Also, they are great for healingВ flu, pneumonia, meningitis, hepatitis B, gonorrhea and herpes.

They can help in surgical, fungiВ and urinary tract infections. Tea of olive leaves is very good for healing manyВ diseases, such asВ pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, meningitis, influenza, hepatitis B, herpes, atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, botulism, malaria, diphtheria, stomach ulcers, urinary tract infections and encephalitis.

Regular consumption of olive leavesВ is recommended after some serious diseases. ItВ willВ improve your immune system, andВ restore energy in your body.

In addition we will show you how to prepare tea of olive leaves.


  • 15-20 dried olive leaves
  • 2-3 dl water


First you need to put theВ olive leaves into boiled water and continue to boil forВ 2-3 minutes. The leaves should stay in water for the nextВ 10 minutes.


You can consume the teaВ cold or warm. Also, you canВ add lemon or honey.

You should drink the tea everyday as aВ prevention.

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