Get Rid of Spots and Dark Skin With This Proven Homemade Recipe!

All of us should take a proper care of our skin and protect it from the sun’s rays.

Get Rid of Spots and Dark Skin With This Proven Homemade Recipe

There are a lot of commercial productsВ for removing skin stains, but generally they are expensive and not healthy for our skin.В Because of that, we are going to show youВ a homeВ remedy as alternative.


  • 04 drops of hydrogen peroxide
  • 03 drops of natural glycerin
  • 02 tablespoons powdered milk
  • The juice of a lemon (preferably small)

The main ingredient in this recipe isВ hydrogen peroxide, which is used toВ fade stains on clothingВ andВ skin blemishes. Also, it is good forВ clarify the armpits and remove dark spots.


  • Pour all the ingredients in aВ glass bowl.
  • Mix them using aВ wooden spoon, until you getВ smooth and creamy combination.
  • Then, let it to rest for five minutes.


  • First, you should wash your face withВ mild soap and dry it.
  • Then, apply the mask before bed time and leave it to stay during the night.
  • In the morning, you need to wash your face with a cold waterВ and dry off well.

You should use the recipe for seven days, before you see the results.


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