Get Rid оf All Toxins In Your Colon Only By Pressing This Point On Your Stomach

Constipation affects many people around the world, no matter what age they are. It can occur if you’re unable to completely empty your bowel, or you’re not passing stools regularly. If you are one of those persons who suffer from constipation, you should definitely stop searching for different treatments and foods.

Get Rid оf All Toxins In Your Colon Only By Pressing This Point On Your Stomach

Have you ever heard about CV6? It’s commonly known as Poop Button. This is the key point for all people who suffer from constipation. You can do great healing on yourself, but first you need to know the location of this point.

The Poop Button will help you to strengthen your colon, sexual urinary reproductive system, and immune system.

Here is how to use this point:

  • First you need to measure three fingerwidhts from your belly button.
  • On this point you should apply some pressure with your fingers, but you need to be careful not to be too hard.
  • While you are pressing down, you need to take a deep breath.
  • You should press the spot until you feel the need to poo. This can take a little as ten seconds, or up to 3 minutes.
  • Make sure you won’t hold the pressure more than 5 minutes.

Note: If this technique is applied on pregnant women, it should be done very gentle, using the palms instead of fingertips.

During the lovemaking, the abdominal muscles can tighten, which result of blocking the flow of energy. This technique is also very beneficial for all kind of sexual problems, in both men and women.


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