Gargle With These Things and See What Happens to Your Teeth

Receding gum is a very common problem nowadays. ItВ occurs when the gums pull away from the teeth. It causing gap where theВ bacteria can be accumulated.

Gargle With These Things and See What Happens to Your Teeth

The problem ofВ receding gum shouldВ be treated as soon as possible, because it causes tooth decay and infection.

Receding of the gumsВ can be caused by different factors, such as gum disease, heredity, smoking and unbalanced hygiene. You should discover the cause in order toВ have an appropriate treatment.

There are some natural ways how to treat this problem:

1. Oil Gargel

Oil canВ fight plaque accumulation, so you should try gargleВ with sesame oil. It’s better to useВ warm oil, because it protects the teeth and gums.

2. Green tea

Regularly drinking green tea can kill the bacteria and alleviate gum inflammation.

3. Aloe Vera

You can prevent spreading the gum infection with Aloe Vera. It has good anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties. You can use Aloe gel as a mouth wash and you can also use it whileВ brushing your teeth.

4. Eucalyptus oil

It is very good at killing bacteria in your mouth. Also, it can act asВ anti-inflammatory agent for swollen and infected gums. This oil can help soothe the irritated gums, because of the protective properties. The usage of theВ eucalyptus oil is very simple – just wash your mouth and rinse with water.

5. Myrrh

ThisВ resin canВ make your gumsВ less prone to infections and bacteria. You can use this resin directly or you can apply in form of paste.

6. Yarrow

You can prevent gum damage by using yarrow. It has a very goodВ astringent and antiseptic properties. Just rub your gums withВ leaves or flowers of yarrow.


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