Fragrant Toilet Paper Is DANGEROUS FOR YOUR HEALTH: Here’s why you should NEVER use it!

The choice of toilet paper available on the market today is really wide, ranging from the ordinary white to fragrant and colored.  What’s more, many manufacturers use various marketing tricks to convince the consumers that their product is the best you can get. However, although fragrance and color seem appealing, these are the main parameters you should take into account when buying toilet paper.

Fragrant Toilet Paper

In 1987, the US Food and Drug Administration banned the use of certain colors and scents in the pharmaceutical industry. As evidence from animal studies suggested, certain colors and fragrances can lead to tumor development.

Adding various artificial scents and colors to toilet paper puts human health at risk, and these are just some of the side effects:

Urinary tract infections

Colored toilet paper can irritate the vaginal area, and frequent use can cause infections of the urinary tract.

Fungal infections

One of the most common questions a gynecologist asks a patient with a yeast infection is whether she uses colored and scented toilet paper. Experts confirm that there is a link between fungal infection and the frequent use of colored paper.

Cervical cancer

Colored tissue paper can affect the female reproductive system and increase the risk of cervical cancer development.

Rectal problems

The use of colored and perfumed toilet paper can cause irritation and itching in the rectum area.

Even white toilet paper can be hazardous to health. Some manufacturers whiten the paper with chlorine, which releases dangerous toxins that can cause numerous health problems.

So the next time you buy toilet paper, carefully read the label on the packaging.


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