Fluid In the Lung – 5 Folk Remedies to Improve this Condition

The condition of fluid in the lungs is known as “pleural effusion” or “pulmonary edema”. It is excessive buildup of water between your lungs and chest.

Fluid In the Lung Folk Remedies to Improve this Condition

The lungs itself contains a small amount of liquid which coat the membranes that line the outside of your lungs and lubricate the chest cavity to aid in breathing. Pleural effusion is condition when the fluid accumulates between the chest cavity and your lungs. This fluid can make irritation or infection.

The pleural effusion may be caused by heart problems, pneumonia, kidney disease, exposure to toxic substances, narcotics abuse, stay at a high altitude, etc. The main symptoms are shortness of breath, choking, coughing with foam sputum. This requires immediate medical attention!

According to Russian folk medicine, this condition can be cured with these useful recipes:

  1. Place a sponge on the lung area, soaked in hot water. Salty water can provide strong effects as well. Apply warm coatings 3-4 times a day.
  2. On the area of ​​the lung, place the following coating: apply fresh cabbage leaves, coated with vinegar, and wrap a woolen cloth, soaked in a heated olive oil, over them. This coating reduces pain.
  3. Coatings of fresh, young, white cheese are also very useful, and these should be placed on the back. Put three cheese coatings a day. Leave the coating to act for three hours.
  4. Take three hundred grams of onion. Clean them and blend them. Pour the onion with half a liter of dry white wine and add 100 grams of meadow honey. Place all in a bigger jar. Close it well and allow it to stand for 8 days. Shake the jar occasionally. Then, strain the liquid and drink 1 tablespoon of it, 4 times a day, before meals, for a longer period of time.
  5. Blend one larger onion. Tilt your head over the bowl with the onion, so that your lips nearly touch the onion, and put a towel over the head. Close the eyes, and breathe the onion vapors with a wide-open mouth. Phytoncides in the onion have a beneficial effect. Breathe them in the morning and at night for a longer period of time, until you are completely cured.


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