Findings Confirmed, Doctors Did Not Believe: Woman Cures Cancer In 4th Stage! She Ate Only This

Candice Marie Fox had fourth stage thyroid cancer. The doctors gave her only five years to live, because the cancer had spread to other organs.

Findings Confirmed Doctors Did Not Believe Woman Cures Cancer In fourth Stage She Ate Only This

She refused to take the chemotherapy and started to consume a fruit cocktail, which include:

She was able to overcome the cancer in just six months. Today she is healthy women with 31 years of age.

She decided to combat the cancer on a natural way, because her friend Candice lost her life at 31 years and also her cousin Jamie lost her life at 13 years. Both of them was treated with chemotherapy.

She researched into the importance of certain fruits which are rich in bromelain. They are effective in destroying the protein layer of the cancerous cells.

Candice also found that animal proteins are a source of food for cancer cells and rather than the body spend its energy combating the cancer cells, it gets busy digesting the meat.

She stopped the smoking and stopped using any commercial cosmetics. She uses only a natural homemade cleaning products.

Also, Candice tried to reduce the stress in her life as much as she can.

After six months the results were amazing. The doctors confirmed that she had managed to successfully combat cancer almost absolutely without the use of conventional medication therapies.

Now she inspires people with cancer who are fed up of taking highly toxic chemotherapy treatment.


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