She Filled Her Shoes With Bags of Water! Reason? So Informative! (Video)

We are sure that most of us are interested to buy theirВ favorite shoes even if they are a bit tight for them. Also, maybe your shoes has shrinked for some reason, but you still want to wear them. We assume that you want to wear it again,В even if they makes a pain in your feet.

She Filled Her Shoes With Bags of Water Reason So Informative Video

Luckily, there is a tricky way how to wear again your favorite shoes without causing aВ pain. With this method you would be able toВ stretchВ theВ shoes that are too small for you.

You just need to putВ a water in a half bag and putВ the bag in the shoes. When you are done, put the shoes in the freeze. When you wake up the next day, your shoes willВ perfectly fit with your foot.


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