Feeling Pain In Your Big Toe Without An Explanation?

There are a lot of jokes about the pain in the big toe.В But, what causes increased uric acid levels?

Feeling Pain In Your Big Toe Without An Explanation

What is Uric Acid?

Uric Acid is a body chemical which is created when there is break down substances called purines somewhere in our body. Purines can be foundВ in dried beans, anchovies, peas and alcoholic beverages. This acid isВ excretedВ through the kidneys.

When somebody has high uric acid or hyperuricemia, it probably has increased level of uric acid in their blood. Most of the people who has high acid level usually are not even aware for it. Many people who have elevated uric acid levels don’t suffer from symptoms or any related health issues.

Who is at risk?

In general,В highВ uric acid levels are connected with problem ofВ kidneysВ to excrete it efficiently. There are some factors which can slow downВ the process of uric acid including:

  • Being overweight
  • Excessive alcohol moderation
  • Medical issues such as diabetes, hypothyroidism and renal insufficiency
  • A purine-rich diet

Natural Remedies

Reducing the level of uric acid is not difficult as you might think. There are some natural ways to do it.В Detoxifying juice cleanses are an optimal way to flush your body of toxins. Here is how to do it:


  • One medium cucumber
  • One slice of lemon
  • Two ribs of celery
  • Ginger root (1-inch piece)


When you have all the ingredients, you need toВ schedule 15 minutes.

  • Wash and dry thoroughly
  • slice your lemon,
  • peel the ginger and
  • cut your cucumber and celery into small pieces.
  • Place into your juicer and blend into desired consistency.

This should stay fresh for at least a week in your refrigerator in an airtight container. You should takeВ twice a day until you see an improvement in symptoms.

Keep in mind: the choices we make today will impact our tomorrows. Combining a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can help us stay as fit as a fiddle.

Source:В positivemed.com

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