Fatty Liver Doesn’t Show Up In Scans Until It’s Too Late. Here Are 7 Early Warning Signs To Look Out For

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is caused by fatty buildups in the liver. This leads to inflammation, oxidative damage, and fibrosis. This ailment is connected with insulin resistance, and represents a manifestation of metabolic syndrome in the liver.

Obesity is a leading risk factor for metabolic syndrome and fatty liver. But, that doesn’t mean that fatty liver is only common in obese individuals. Medications also cause fatty liver.

Symptoms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

There are numerous signs of fatty liver, and sometimes it’s hard to set the right diagnose. Here are some of the most common symptoms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Pain in the upper abdomen
  • Jaundice (yellow discoloration of skin or mucus membranes)
  • Swelling (ascites and edema) caused by insufficient production of protein in the liver
  • Excessive bruising
  • Mental confusion

Consult your doctor to determine the right diagnosis. These symptoms are also common in other health conditions.

9 ways to treat non-alcoholic fatty liver

  1. Weight loss

Lose weight to remove the fatty burden of your liver. Drink plenty of filtered water to stimulate the metabolic processes in your body and the elimination of toxins.

  1. Eating habits

Change your eating habits. The Standard American Diet consists of tons of fats, and this can’t be good for your body. Eat more bananas, ginger root, sweet potatoes, and raw veggies. Alcohol will make your condition even worse so limit its intake or eliminate it completely.

  1. Black seed oil

Black seed oil is effective in the treatment of many ailments. According to studies, this oil improves the condition, and prevents complications.

  1. Turmeric

The yellow spice reduces inflammation, and enhances digestion. When supplementing, use 450 milligrams of turmeric a day.

  1. Vitamin E

It’s a powerful antioxidant, and reduces inflammation common in NAFLD. This vitamin strengthens your immune system, and protects your heart. That’s exactly what you need when dealing with NAFLD.

  1. Goji berries

These berries have strong antioxidant power. Goji berries regulate glucose and inhibit tumors. In Chinese traditional medicine, goji berries are used in the treatment of liver and vision issues. Eat these berries to restore the natural enzymes in your body, and reduce the oxidative damage.

  1. Resveratrol

It’s found in red grapes. This powerful antioxidant can help you in the treatment of NAFLD. It’s also a strong antioxidant agent.

  1. Milk thistle

Silymarin and silybin reduce inflammation, and prevent oxidative stress. You can find it anywhere, which makes it one of the most common remedies for NAFLD.

  1. Dandelion root

It’s similar to the milk thistle. Dandelion root is an excellent detoxifier. It’s effective in the treatment of cirrhosis and inflammation.

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