The Fastest Way To Relieve Pain In Your Muscles

When experience muscle pain, you probably open up your bathroom cabinet and grab your go-to pain relief medication. But this kind of medicals are notВ recommended to be used very often, because theyВ have a high potential for abuse.

The Fastest Way To Relieve Pain In Your Muscles

When it comes to chronic pain, one of the best solution is Helichrysum Italicum. There are available essential oils ofВ Helichrysum Italicum.

They contains Neryl Acetate, which helps to relax muscles and increase blood circulation. Also, they containsВ alpha-, beta-, and gamma-curcumenes, which have abilities to fight inflammation and promote tissue regeneration.

This kind of oils can be applied to treat muscle, joint and ligament pain as well as bruises and sprains.

Essential oils helps in process of regeneration of the skin cells, healing and minimize redness and scarring.

This flower and it’s leaves is also used toВ support the respiratory, immune, and neurological systems as well as stabilize mood and minimize stress. It hasВ antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties were also used to treat allergies, colds, cough, skin, liver and gallbladder disorders, infections and sleeplessness.

You shouldn’t use this oils in anВ open wounds.В It’s also important not to swallow it.

You can use it in case of acute pain caused by burn or sprain. Also, you can use it in case of chronic pain by preparingВ 40 drops of helichrysum in an ounce of your chosen carrier oil to create a 5% dilution.


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