The Famous Stock Cubes We All Use Are Poisonous!

Maggi, Kitano, Knorr and Ajinomoto are all highly popular brands and have long been the favourite choice of stock cubes for millions of people all over the world.

These stock cubes are bought by people as they are considered to be healthy, but most people aren’t aware that the flavouring used in these cubes contains one specific, highly dangerous ingredient – monosodium glutamate.

This dangerous ingredient by the name of monosodium glutamate is a chemical additive which has been known to cause skin allergies, vomiting, nausea, tachycardia, irregular heartbeat, headaches, depression and even dizziness when digested.

Health experts highly advise us to stay away from daily consumption of industrialized spices, as they can cause serious health problems, as the chemical additive stimulates the production of acetylcholine in the endocrine system, which is a substance that reduces the glucose absorption in the body, contributing to diabetes.

Not only that, but frequent consumption of high levels of acetylcholine can contribute to weight gain, Alzheimer’s diseases as well as other neurodegenerative conditions.

The famous taste of these brands is a clear indicator of how powerful the chemical is. Sodium glutamate is added to most processed foods these days, especially in beef, chicken and vegetable broth cubes.

This compound makes us want to eat more of it, by blocking the neurological function of the hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating our appetite. This is why we need to avoid consuming these substances.

It is always best to turn to simple, cheap and delicious natural alternative spices. Simply use fresh or frozen natural spices dipped in olive or coconut oil and frozen in ice cube trays. This why you can just take out a cube, add it to the broth and eat it. It is a far healthier alternative than using popular spices.

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