Fake Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across The Earth! Here Is How To Identify It!

China is the world’sВ largest producer of rice. They harvestВ over 200 million tons per year which isВ exported all over the world.


We should be very careful with using the rice from China, because it can beВ high in pesticides.В But, what is even worse, this rice can beВ manufactured artificially, according toВ a report in The Korea Times.

Consumption ofВ artificial rice can be very dangerous! Doctors warn people that fake riceВ contains as much plastic as there is in a little plastic bag.

In addition you can find fourВ simple tricks that will show you if the rice you are using is a plastic free.

The Water Test

Prepare a glass of cold water and pour one tablespoon of uncooked rice. The real rice should fall to the bottom of the glass for some time. If it doesn’t, you should be careful!

The Mortar and Pestle Test

Try toВ crush a few grains of rice using aВ mortar and pestle. If the rice is good it shouldВ be reduced to a fine, white and starchy powder.

In case ofВ artificial rice, you will noticeВ a light yellow discoloration.

The Fire Test

You can try to put uncooked rice on fire. If it start to burn right away and smell like burned plastic, that means it’s not good!

The Mold Test

This test is the best way to check if the rice you cooked is safe. Just put several grains of cooked rice in aВ airtight container and let it stay in a warm place. If the rice is good it will become gotten moldy after couple of days.

Source:В healthyandnaturalhouse.com

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