My Eyebrows Were Very Thin, My Friend Told me To Use Vaseline and I Couldn’t Believe What Happened

Who doesn’t want thick eyebrows, which are an amazing addition to the look? Thick eyebrows are definitely a trend nowadays and women who have thin eyebrows tend to make them thicker whichever possible. Hence, many women use expensive treatments, tattoos, or draw their eyebrows. Forget about all these because there is a simple method to grow your own eyebrows naturally. All you need is Vaseline.

Vaseline for Thick Eyebrows

This method is quite simple. All you should do is apply Vaseline on and around your eyebrows 2-3 times a day. Vaseline and promotes the growth of new hair.

Additional Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine

Vaseline is an amazing and .В It should definitely be part of your .В Here are some of its uses and benefits:

Makeup Remover

You can remove your makeup in a few simple swipes. After using Vaseline, make sure you rinse it off afterwards to avoid any eye irritation.

Hair Dye Protector

Vaseline will protect your skin from damage and stains if you use hair dyes. Simply apply some Vaseline along your hairline so the dye doesn’t stain your skin.

Skin Softener

Vaseline can soften your dry elbows, feet or hands. All you should do is put Vaseline on any dry spots and put mittens or socks on before you go to sleep.


You can use more Vaseline instead of a highlighter. Simply, apply a tiny dab of Vaseline to the top of your cheekbones for a pretty, radiant sheen.

Cuticle Protector

You can keep your nails healthy and your cuticles soft and moisturised by massaging Vaseline into them. Moreover, you can apply Vaseline on your cuticles before applying nail polish so it will keep your nail polish from getting on your cuticles.

Make Your Perfume Last

You can by applying a bit of Vaseline to your pulse points.

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